Every individual in the total population of the world is never entirely same as the other. We all have different opinions, beliefs, preferences and personalities. One may share a few mutual interests, talents or opinions with their close friends but that’s about it. But sometimes these shared talents can be a little troublesome when you enter a professional life. Where you might have excellent skills in video editing, there are thousand others who have the same skill of the same level as you do. In situations like these, one can only imagine how difficult getting your dream job can be.

So what makes you different? Why should a recruiter consider calling you for a job opportunity when there are several others with the exact same skill that you have to offer? There are billions of job seekers online and you are among them. And now that HR recruiters have decided to go beyond the online job portals and are looking out for job seekers on social media as well, it has added to the already difficult situation. Why? Because most of the things that you do end up online on your social media. And not every event of your life may be as pleasant now as it seemed a year ago. Hence, your digital personality also plays an important role in determining whether or not you are the perfect fit for the job that you so much desire.

This brings up a rather peculiar yet a crucial question. ‘How will you showcase yourself as ‘brand’ and not just another person on social media?’ More like, how will you showcase that you are the perfect fit for a job?

  • The Perfect Profile Picture

An image which is 2 years old? Take it down. A photograph of your child? Take it down. A photo with your spouse or partner? Take it down right away. We don’t really have to mention the photo of  your favourite film star, do we? Take it down ASAP.

Use images that reflect the sincerity. Use an image which can showcase the best face of your personality. We also advise to use the same image on every social media platform.

  • The Best Description

Using the different symbols and emojis in your profile description may look cool. But only if you are a fourteen year old teenager. Make the best use of that small box. Stay to the point. Play a little with words. Describe yourself in a concise content and you’re good to go.

  • What Are You looking Forward To In Your Professional Life?

An objective gives you a path to walk on. Setting an objective means you have decided a course to travel on until you reach your destination. Professionally, you might want to become your better self five years from now. Or you may have the desire to work in an organization that contributes in taking your skills a level or two up. Or you might even plan on gaining experience to have a company of your own. Anything goes. Just jot it down on every digital platform that offers opportunity to job seekers.

  • Let Your Contact List Grow

You may have come across a few people who talk to every other person and end up getting their number. Wherever they go, they make sure they communicate with people and make good contact with them. These people aren’t over-friendly. They aren’t desperate. They aren’t with lot of leisure time. They are smart. You can never really tell what life throws your way and whom you might need. Having contacts is only helpful in professional life.

These are some of the important points that you must take care of when you have a digital presence. Keeping them in mind will only help in bringing out the best image of you on every other digital platform. The more you think of how your actions on social media and other digital platforms will impact your reputation, the more professional and fitting your profile will be.

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