Today, communicating about your business is just a click away. Social media and its applications, when used in terms of marketing can be very useful and bring lots of profit your way. But despite this fact, email marketing is still preferred social media for the marketing purposes.

Since social media receives more recognition for its world-wide reach, many companies do not know how to utilize email marketing to make better connection with the clients and lead conversion. They often think of emails as something time-consuming when really it isn’t.

Let us point out a fact for you:

34% of world population uses email. 34%makes up to 2.5 billion people and by 2020 it is likely to increase to 2.8 billion users.

Why choose email marketing?

  • Email marketing is a dynamic and an effective way of communicating with the people on a professional front. It becomes a great experience when you start personalizing the conversations according to the requirement.
  • The emails that are sent to hundreds of people does not cost anything close to your normal messages and other promotion methods. Making it a cost-effective strategy altogether.
  • Emails require an action as well. One can choose to reply it, forward it or star it as an important mail. Sometimes people can even make a purchase from the email itself.
  • It is a measurable process. People who are using email marketing softwares are able to check whether the receivers of the email opened it or not. They can also check the links that have been clicked and the subscriptions and unsubscribed list.

We think these reasons are more than enough to understand how useful email marketing is. Getting down to real business, let’s check out some easy-to-write emails that
will help in boosting the sales of your company.

  • Customer perspective

People need to know why they should buy a product or a service. They need to know what changes will occur when they get the said product or service, how it will influence their lives and how fulfilling it will be.

Collect the feedback of your customers as well as their stories of how content they are after getting your product or service. This will motivate your people to get it themselves.

What should you mention:

  • The before and the after situation of the said customer: Talk about how the customer’s situation was when they weren’t using your product or service.
  • What did the product or service do for the customer: Tell how the product or service was utilized by the buyer and exactly how exactly it was useful.
  • The other product/solution they had tried before getting yours: Mention a few products or services (it is advised not to name them) that they used but did not find them satisfactory.
  • The aftermath of using the product or service: Highlight the situation of the customer after they started using your product or service. Mention how satisfied they are and that they do not see anything to replace it.

Mention the frequently asked questions

There are end number of questions that come up in a consumer’s mind and doubts that they need to have cleared before they are investing in your product or service. Mention only a few questions and their answers that are asked frequently. Answer them in the most easy to understand way.

End the myths

Every product or service has a few myths going around. Even a single myth can cause your sales to slow down. Find out the most common myth that consumers believe about yourself and then provide with a counter explanation that can even persuade them to buy it.

Clarify common objections

There are many factors that may stop consumers from getting your product. Do not hesitate to mention them, talk about them and explain why things are so. These objections may also be some misconceptions so that will be covered as well.

Now that you know what to do with email marketing, do not think of it as an old school communication method. Utilize it as much as you can and showcase the best face of your product or service in the most professional manner. When you practice email marketing frequently, you are surely to notice a change for good.

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